Business Use of Social Media

The quickness and far-reaching scope of technology allows businesses the opportunity to connect with consumers in a variety of ways - locally, nationally or globally. John Earnhardt, Director of Corporate Communications, manages PR and social media for Cisco Systems and joins Tim Muma to discuss the role of social media in business. John explains the best ways companies can utilize social media to positively impact reputation, news and the bottom line. He also warns of some of the drawbacks, but emphasizes the importance of staying connected with the world.

Podcast Series: Minding Your P's and Q's
Minding Your P's and Q's is the ultimate source for all matters related to business etiquette. Here you find answers on the appropriate ways to think, speak, act, and look in a variety of scenarios. Each step of the process - job search, interview, daily business and special events - has its own rules and guidelines.