Sharon Melnick, Ph.D., is a career coach and psychologist affiliated with Harvard Medical School. She works with career changers and executives at diverse organizations, including Monster Worldwide, Oracle, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, KornFerry International, MTV, Pitney Bowes, Deloitte, UBS, and many others.

She has taught rapid performance enhancement approaches, communication skills, and interpersonal effectiveness in courses at the Walter E. Carroll School of Management at Boston College and in trainings for Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies across the country. Her professional training is from Yale University (B.A.), U.C. Berkeley (Ph.D.), Harvard Medical School, and the Institute for Management Studies.

Over 90% of the clients who come to her to find their next career step successfully completed a career change within three months! Take her free assessment at and find out ways you don't even know you are getting in your own way or visit her Web site